First things first

I suppose I should start with a bit of an explanation of why I’ve come to to New Zealand, or as a colleague at the Ministry of Education put it, “What did you come halfway around the world for?”

The whole opportunity was made possible through by the Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy, a program managed by Fulbright New Zealand and sponsored by various government agencies here. The goal is to bring fresh perspective to both sides of the Pacific, enabling American professionals to embed themselves at government organizations in New Zealand in order to build personal connections, develop understanding of critical policy areas, and exchange ideas. I am profoundly grateful to the board of the Ian Axford Fellowship and staff of Fulbright New Zealand for affording me the chance to live and work here, and to the Ministry of Education and Network for Learning for serving as my home offices and project sponsors. That said, as in the disclaimer, all views expressed in this space are my own. And while my work is education-focused I’ll also be offering up insights and updates on travel, culture, and living in Wellington.

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