Articulation, Feb 2018: We’re all cool with innovation here, right?

I read a lot, and without some kind of reflection, usually forget what I read. “Articulation” is an attempt to connect some of the dots.

How leaders can master persuasion as a skill and habit (First Round Review)
In which a Google engineer reads Daniel Kahnman’s Thinking Fast and Slow and goes on the lecture circuit; or, how to get everyone to agree without thinking too hard about it. Which leads us to…

How Betsy DeVos softened her message on school choice (Politico)
In which the beleaguered U.S. Secretary of Education learns that people are less testy about ideas that come packaged as “innovation.” Like school choice. And on that note…

New Zealand is a school choice utopia. But do students perform better? (PBS)
In which, much like a parent doing some school shopping, the “BBI Sports Cloud” distracts me from wondering what academic performance looks like, and systemic white flight from “low decile” schools is discussed.

Note: Several key features of the New Zealand education system mentioned in the PBS article, published for a U.S. audience, are now out of date, including (1) Though still widely known, decile levels are no longer publicly reported, replaced by an internal “Risk Index” that will drive school funding (2) Performance on National Standards is no longer reported annually in lower grade levels  (3) The entire 1989 Tomorrow’s Schools governance model and operating framework is under review as the new Labour government tries to put together a 30-year vision for education