I am currently based in Wellington, New Zealand looking into how technology is impacting teaching and learning here.  However, I hope these pages stem beyond education and spill over into travel, books, language, or whatever else seems worthy of reflection at the time.

I am grateful to my wife and best friend for pushing me to take on this opportunity as well as to appreciate the prodigious acting talents of The Rock. I’m thankful to my parents for encouraging my siblings and I to explore the world from a young age; traveling with four boys in a van must have pretty terrible at times, and I’m probably testing their patience again by leaving a very energetic dog back home.

I began teaching in Los Angeles believing it would be the most fun job I could get out of college, and it was. Over time I became interested in the complexities that impact schooling, went to graduate school a couple of times, worked at a school district and then consulted with others across the United States for the past 5+ years.  When I was in the classroom I tried to get students out of it as much as possible, believing that much of the best learning happens occurs outside of school.  Or as Mark Twain put it, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Disclaimer: The views on this site are mine only, and do not reflect those of the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Fulbright New Zealand, or any other organization.